Winners' Football League


I am a firm believer in being as sim as possible in Madden. Anyone who chooses not to be that way, I don’t want to be associated with as far as from a Madden perspective.

I am also a firm believer in being passionate about the league, or leagues, you play in. Owners that care about the league(s) they play in make the league as a whole way better. They add content, they are active in chat – it’s just a more fun environment to be in.

That being said, there have to be rules to any good, long sustaining league. My golden rule for WFL is the following:

“It’s not about the W or the L, it’s about the WFL.”

I firmly believe that. As commissioner, I can go 0-16 and, if the league is successful and prospering, then we are doing good things even if, as an individual, I am not.

I want owners here who want the LEAGUE to be better FIRST. If you are a guy that, when the chips are down, throws the rulebook out the window, then I, and my WFL league leadership, DON’T WANT YOU HERE.

If you are a guy that can’t take a loss like an adult, and feels that you have to publicly shame the league to get your way, don’t bother reading any further. We don’t want you here.

If you play clean and follow rules to the best of your ability as close to 100% of the time as possible, then you are what we want.

Will everyone be 100% sim 100% of the time? No. Not even I, the commissioner, can claim that. What I want from owners is to strive to be perfect while knowing it will never happen.

Will we always be 100% full? I hope so. But, as commissioner, I’d rather have a league that is clean over a league that is full. A clean league, to me, means that you follow the rules and you want to see the league be bigger and better. A clean league, to me, means you respect leadership even when you don’t agree with leadership.

If you are willing to help the WFL be the best league it can be, even if it means your personal win-loss record isn’t as good as you want, then you’re the kind of person we want in WFL.