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Chicago Bears have Questions moving forward

The Bears have been on a roll this season at 7-2 and this game was no different. Cruising to a huge lead going into mid 3rd things were looking like the past few weeks. Close out the game and get on to the next challenge. However as always in the NFL there was a storyline waiting to happen.

And in the 3rd quarter the game and ultimately the season had slowed down on one play. Trubisky was hit and driven into the ground by a Chiefs defender. The Bears went to get the next playcall until the saw their Quarterback wasn’t to be found. Instead, Trubisky was writhing in pain holding his shoulder.

Everyone could see this wasn’t going to be just a few plays on the sideline, after going to the locker room he was ruled out for the remainder of the game. WFL NEWS is reporting Trubisky has a broken collarbone and will miss the remainder of the regular season. Chad Kelly came in and had a few decent throws and a couple scrambles for about 40 yards. The Bears leaned on their rushing attack in order to limit the amount of tape on Kelly moving into the remainder of the season.

Next on the schedule is the Detroit Lions as they are looking to make a late season push so this game can’t be taken lightly. Look for the Bears to rely on their vaunted defense and rushing attack as they have all season. The Bears are going to have a harder road to capturing their first NFC North Title under Coach JMB but this team doesn’t look for any excuses.

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